Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Watercolor Lifting and Playing Around

Jennifer McGuire over at Jennifer McGuire Ink showed us recently a fun technique of color lifting so I decided to give it a try and see what results would come of it. I will say, I love this as it's so much fun to play with water colors and markers to create these two backgrounds. Now, I just need to turn them into cards.

For this one, I used the Hennah Elements set from Altenew along with Spectrum Aqua Watercolour cardstock and tombow markers....the Bright Palette. 

Also, joining in on the last day of Kathy's " The Daily Marker 30 day challenge" over at The Daily Marker challenge and wanted to say thank her for an amazing 30 day challenge full of inspiration, tips, tricks, and all the hard work put into this challenge. You are truly amazing and so talented. 

For this one, I did the same thing, but changed water color card stock. This one is from Ranger as I do love the white look.

Actually, if you look at both water color cardstock I used, they are both white and both have a texture and a flat side, but I did notice a difference on how the colors absorbs sightly difference. At first, I thought I used the texture on one and the flat side on the pink version, but it wasn't the case.

They also ended up feeling different once dried, not much but you can tell they are different papers. Its all about experimenting. 

I will say, I felt like a little kid playing with colors and it's so addicting. I want to make more.
Hope you give it a try. You can click here to go directly to Jennifer's post and video on it. 

Have fun!


  1. You've done a great job Liz, these are so pretty!

  2. I tried this technique of Jennifer's too Liz, but my colour didn't lift?! I think I let mine dry too long? Yours are very pretty! Have a lovely day! Hazel xx
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